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Restoring Aura and Chakra balance with Reiki Energy


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Posted on June 5, 2016 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Blessings everyone,

I just recently returned from an amazing trip to Glastonbury, England were I had the opportunity to take a Reiki Holy Fire master class with William Lee Rand, who is the head of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). It was an intensive 3 day class and I learned so much that I can't wait to share with you all.

Our class had the privilege to visit Stonehenge and was allowed in the inner circle for meditation. It was a very spiritual experience. I hope you book a session soon and let me share my new healing energy with you.


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Chakra-is from the Sanskrit language and means wheel or disk. Chakra's are spinning wheels of energy located at specific sites throughout your body (mostly aligning with your spine).

 I will be posting about the seven Chakra's. It is important to understand each one, their importance and how to restore balance. The four levels of healing include physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. These are all highly connected and must live harmoniously.

Chakra ( like many of or organs) act as filters. They filter every thought, feeling and experience. These can get stuck in the corresponding chakra and block the enrgy from flowing freely. It is extremely important to balance all seven chakra's. 

The 1st Chakra is the Root Chakra and is Ruby Red in color.

This chakra is located near your tailbone (base of your spine) and is responsible for keeping you grounded in life. If a root chakra is out of balance it can create physical symptoms such as fibromyalgia, lower back pain, chronic fatigue, auto-immune disorders, recurring flu and colds, depression and constipation.

To ground yourself you should connect with Mother Earth.  Spend time outdoors. Take off your shoes and place your feet on the grass or in the dirt. Breath deeply and feel the energy. INow that the wearhter is cold, I take soil and place it in a wooden bowl and dig my feet into it as I meditate in my home next to a window.

You can also wear a natural stone such as agate, black onyx or garnet. Wear these stones in pieces of jewelry or carry one in a pocket.

By grounding yourself, you will have high energy, feel safe and secure, have a healthy relationship with money and will grasp the importance of being physically fit.

REIKI  is  essential in balancing your chakra's. It can rid you of stuck energy and clear any negative emotions that are causing the imbalance.

Reiki-No it is not Witchcraft

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I am so excited to share my first blog. I have been getting many questions about Reiki. It has surprised me that several people now have aksed if it is some sort of witchcraft. The answer is NO.

In order to truly pratice Reiki, one must be certified and go through training and receive an attunement. BothmMy training and attunement were very spiritual experiences for me. It has brought me closer to all higher beings and as I prepare myself to use Reiki, it is amazing to feel the energy start to buzz throughout my body. It is also amazing to know that I have higher guidance of light and love to assist me.

I will not say that Reiki cures illnesses but I will say that as positive energy flows, it aids in healing the mind, body and spirit. Every living thing is made of energy. Bad energy can drain and sicken while good or positive energy can revitilize. 

Crystals and essential oils may sometimes be used to enhance the treatment but no it is not witchcraft. No spells, no incantations, no potions. 

I love questions, some keep them coming. Email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to answer you.

Have a great day!